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1 HH$29,940
2 HH$34,200
3 HH$38,520
4 HH$42,780
5 HH$46,200
6 HH$49,620
7 HH$53,040
8 HH$56,460

bedroom size

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3 Bedroom$768 / Monthly
4 Bedroom$832 / Monthly

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Frequently asked questions

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Yes, pets are allowed, with a monthly pet charge of $20.00.

A designated parking space per unit is provided, as well as visitor parking area, located in the vacant parking lot with no numbers assigned. There is no area for washing cars

Barbequing on the property is not available as of now, as construction is still ongoing for the community center. The community center is the only area in the property where barbequing is permitted. This will change once the center is complete.

Hanging of clothes and any bedding is prohibited in the lanai/balcony area.

Visitors are allowed on the property but noise must be kept at a minimum once the clock strikes 10pm

If the tenant is late on rent payment, $50.00 will be charged on the 6th of the month.

No drilling of ANY KIND is permitted on the property. For more info, please contact the Isa Villa Office

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